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I Heart Boba - Stafford - 11747 W. Bellfort Ave., Suite 16 - United States

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I Heart Boba - Stafford - United States
Bro'z Milano - Milano - Italy
Boba Cha - Bubble Tea Oslo - Oslo - Norway
Frøken Frost - Viborg - Denmark
Bubble Boba - CARDIFF - United Kingdom
Sweet Nelly's - St.Helier - Jersey
Pho Viet - Napier - New Zealand
Bubble Tea Town - Hastings - New Zealand
TIME tea&coffee - Lisbon - Portugal
Tea Cha Cha - Flushing NY - United States
You, Me, and Bubble Tea - Oxford - United States
Tealith Bubble Tea - Bath - United Kingdom
Tealith Bubble Tea - Bournemouth - United Kingdom
Sweet 16 Ice Cream Roll - Santo Domingo, D.N. - Dominican Republic
Mÿ!ced Santo Tirso - Santo Tirso - Portugal
Mÿ!ced Viseu - Viseu - Portugal
Mÿ!ced Campo de Ourique - Lisboa - Portugal
Mÿ!ced Braga - Braga - Portugal
Mÿ!ced Bragança - Bragança - Portugal
Bobalicious - Bubble Tea & Co. - Lisbon - Portugal

May, 2017: In addition to the iPhone and Android versions of the findbubbletea smartphone app now available, you can now find the Ultimate Bubble Tea smartphone app for both iPhone and Android. The feature list currently includes displaying store information, menu items (with photos), and a loyalty e-stamp (typed code and QR code options available). Check it out.

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If you need to know where you can find bubble tea nearby, findbubbletea.com can probably help you. This purpose of this website is to help you find somewhere to buy bubble tea, whether you call it pearl milk tea, boba tea, or foam milk tea. This is the single largest internet directory for bubble tea shops around the world.

Most bubble tea shops don't show up on sites such as Google, Urbanspoon, OpenRice, and ChowTimes. They also aren't tailored to the needs of bubble tea addicts. In our listings on findbubbletea.com, you will find what kinds and flavours of tea are used at each location, and whether or not the store uses real fruit, milk, and fresh-brewed tea. Additional menu details can also be added for each store.